Does Your personal ideology have a loving plan for you, and willing to step in and aid You, no matter it`s personal cost. No matter Your ineptness, ignorance or weaknesses, making available, an amazing grace to any teachable, penitent, trusting soul. Encouraging all who draw near to press on into a peaceful maturity, and a hope-filled future 24/7, providing promises and wisdom and counsel in a *HIS*tory Book that has endured self-willed Kings and Despots for 1000s of years, kept for US. For the `grace` of The true and living *GOD*, has appeared unto all men, so receive not the Grace of *GOD* in vain. FOR *GOD* IS NOT MOCKED. Whatsoever a man sows, That shall he also reap. The excruciating COST of justifying our forgiveness and clearly revealing the LOVING heart of the *FATHER* in *JESUS* is  ignored or even neglected at our eternal peril.


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